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Las Vegas Sands (LVS) Stock Other Jim Cramer Scam

|Includes: Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS)

How do I know the very recent Jim Cramer top buy Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVS) stock is one more of Jim Cramer scams?

I have Vieira word, world best trader, who actually downgraded Las Vegas Sands (LVS) at $60.5 precisely when this criminal Jim Cramer was telling everyone to jump on the stock

How does Vieira find these scams? To start with, last year Vieira informed that in his opinion LVS stock was not worth more than $59-63 in a very good market. Let me go back a few years to say LVS was one of his top short picks above $119 in 2007 right before the Crash.

Vieira Called LVS a good buy at $5.5 in 2009. Jim Cramer Calls LVS a good buy at $60 in 2012. Do you see the difference?

Can you believe Cramer did not like LVS at $5? Yeah, he said it over and over. "DO NOT BUY LVS AT $5" Vieira loved it!

Then, it is not surprising on a beautiful afternoon in April, Vieira without any apparent reason instructs the team to inform his subscribers that he was downgrading LVS stock. At that time, Las Vegas Sands price was around $60.5.

What I would like to share with you here is the rather phenomenal experience I have been living since then. Firstly, I was curious about his own reasons downgrading such strong stock. Would it have been the fact the stock was trading near his upside target? maybe. Nevertheless, I decided to give a try. I entered the room asking about his reasons. My idea was to invest in LVS stock by short selling it.

The dialogue was more or less like this:

me: Why are you downgrading LVS?

Vieira: Very Limited upside $63-66. Sell, short and shut up.

me: (I made the mistake asking about a target) When should I cover then?

Vieira: You are f.. wasting your time. You already know I will tell about it once it crosses my mind. Higher it goes better. You want it to go as high as possible to sell short the most.

One week later, Vieira informs clients "It is going to be like Sandisk".

WAIT A F...MOMENT I started to think! As Sandisk? Then, even my mother is going short Las Vegas. I guess she will not mind to recover that money lost gambling over there...

What does this story has to do with Jim Cramer? EVERYTHING! The scam artist was all over it screaming on TV, announcing it as the next big deal on ONE HUNDRED SCAM WEBSITES created for that same purpose, luring the poor retail investor, TO BUY LAS VEGAS AT THE TOP. "I WANT YOU TO BE IN LAS VEGAS!"

On the contrary, I CAN SAY MY MOTHER IS GOING BACK TO LAS VEGAS TO PLAY WITH ALL THAT EASY MONEY EARNED BY SELLING SHORT CRAMER SCAMS! Personally, I prefer the freedom of travelling around the world.

Damn Right! Today LVS closed at $48.8...what a F short raid it has been... By the way you find plenty of excellent examples on this blog.

The bomb was going to drop just like Cramer's very bad experience in SodaStream (NASDAQ:SODA)

Was Vieira opinion to sell short Las Vegas due to Cramer bullishness? Of course not, but it is AMAZING that while one was saying to buy the most, the other was recommending selling short the most! What a beautiful world this is. Gladly, I am on the right side..the other is black and smells to corruption, scams, it's Cramer's world.

It is our job to alert investors for the dangers of following scams, in particular those publicized on TV such as Cramer famous show Buying Netflix at $298, Trading Against Wall Street: Selling Short Netflix at $301