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Gold To Hit Key Levels

According to Sasha Cekerevac, contributor to Profit Confidential, the recent Federal Reserve policy meeting ended in a somewhat neutral outcome for investors interested in gold bullion, as had hoped for additional monetary stimulus to be enacted. However, Cekerevac thinks that from recent moves in the price of gold, there are signs that there are increasingly more buyers for gold bullion than there are sellers, and investors should watch for some key levels that gold bullion will soon hit.

In the article "Key Price Levels to Watch for in Gold Bullion," Cekerevac notes that the economic situation continues to deteriorate worldwide.

Cekerevac believes that the data will continue to be weak, and additional monetary stimulus from several of the world's central banks will come shortly: "This should drive gold bullion prices higher near the end of the year."

Cekerevac points to recent comments by Eric Rosengren, who is the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President.

"He commented that the central bank should enact open-ended quantitative easing," says Cekerevac. "He also suggested the Federal Reserve should boost this monetary stimulus program by a substantial magnitude."

There are several crucial levels for investors in gold bullion to keep an eye on, according to Cekerevac.

"One should note the 38.2% retracement level at approximately $1,635, which has been both support and resistance for gold bullion," Cekerevac states. "Naturally the 200-day moving average in gold bullion will also serve as resistance."

Cekerevac believes that once these levels have been breached, the next level to watch will be $1,700, followed by a re-test of the $1,800 area.

"These moves will most likely coincide with news that the Federal Reserve has enacted additional monetary stimulus," says Cekerevac.

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