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Live Trader Talk Starts Today

 Hey everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that our free, live educational series, Trader Talk, starts at 4:10PM today right after the market close.

I will be discussing recent market trends, specifically, market timing on the QQQQ and the SPY.  Also, I'll be examining our favorite sentiment indicators such as the VIX and Equity Put/Call Ratio.  Gold and Bond analysis will also be discussed.  Finally, at the end of today's session we will have a stock Q&A with an exclusive BigTrends offer. 

In future weeks
 BigTrends Trader Talks will feature other BigTrends Analysts such as Price Headley, Bob Lang, Moby Waller, and Scott Downing. 

Stay tuned each Tuesday after the market close for our free live Trader Talk.  

Click here to enter the room (remember to bookmark the URL because it will be the same each week)