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Penny Stocks that Beat Yesterdays Sell-Off: APSN, VSRV, CFAWF, WWBP and AVRO

With the markets closed today, it’ll be fun to see what happens to these stocks on Monday.

Since the July 4th Holiday is upon us, let's start out with an anomaly from yesterday where a penny stock rose 2,300%. That's right, 2,300%.

Applied Neurosolutions (APSN) closed on July 1st at $0.03 and its close on July 2nd was $0.60. With a 3-Month average daily trading volume of 10,771 shares, APSN more than doubled its trading volume. APSN has a market cap of $2 million on four million shares outstanding. Have a look at the amazing charts below.

The giant hiccup was propelled by the June 29, 2009, 1-for-30 reverse split of APSN's common stock. Applied NeuroSolutions' has a long-term agreement with Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) that grants APSN the exclusive licensing rights to commercialize Dr. Peter Davies' neurodegenerative disease related discoveries. 

APSN is noted for its therapeutic program developed by Dr. Peter Davies based on the common pathway leading to the development of abnormal, destructive brain structures characteristic of Alzheimer's.

It will interesting to see what happens when 'normal' trading resumes on Monday.



Less dramatic at yesterday's close, but still amazing in its own right was VoiceServe (VSRV) closing at $0.30 on the OTCBB and up 500% from the previous day. VSRV's 3-Month average daily trading was 218 shares a day. Yesterday, its volume was 3,000 shares. VSRV has a market cap of $8 on 24 million shares outstanding. You can see on the chart below a 'blip' for the price, but the lower column shows the change of volume quite clearly.

At CommunicAsia, a global event where the business of technology comes to life, VSRV presented its Voipswitch Softwitch product on June 29,

VSRV is a London-based software platform provider focusing primarily on delivering affordable next generation services to Internet Telephony Providers (ITSPs). Products include VoipSwitch, a custom modular all-in-one Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) management platform licensing solution for resellers, VoIP airtime minutes bundled with optional convenient features, including virtual numbers, direct dial, web callback, and call forwarding, IP-PBX, and mobile softphone technology.

Also jumping up 500% yesterday was China Fortune Acquisition Warrants (CFAWF) that began the day at $0.02 and closed the day at $0.12 (a ten cent jump) on the OTCBB. The 3-Month average daily trading volume of CFAWF is 10,478 shares and it easily tripled that volume yesterday (see the charts below).


And not to be outdone, Worldwide Bio and Pharmaceutical Inc., (WWBP) posted a 350% jump; opening at $0.02 and closing at $0.09 on 10,000 shares traded (WWBP's 3-Month daily trading volume is 2,364 shares. The seven cent jump yesterday is clearly reflected on the charts below. WWBP has a market cap of $4 million on 53 million shares outstanding.


And finally, AVRO Energy (AVRO) on the OTCBB jumped 150%, opening the day at $0.12 and closing at $0.20. AVRO picked up the twelve cents on a volume of 17,000 shares. AVRO engages in the exploration and development of mineral properties for molybdenum and other metals in Canada. AVRO has a $5 million market cap on 25 million shares outstanding.