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Dramatic Gains Today for Penny Stocks: DRGZ up 311%, NHYT up 28% and BAZH up 150%.

Good News Fuels High Volume Trading.

While the broad market lingers under suspicions of inflation and a few bulls fire up the Small Cap markets, Penny Stock buyers are responding to good news rather than fear.

Dynamic Response Group (DRGZ) currently trading on the OTCBB in the $1.65 range bolted out of the pack this morning picking up $1.40 or 311%. The stock opened at a quarter. It now has a market cap of $1.67 million. Volume soared past 225,160 shares traded on news from July 10 that its subsidiary, Medico Express, Inc., nearly 15 months after its initial application to Medicare, has been accredited by CHAPS, the independent accreditation board of Medicare. A Medicare Provider Number, which the company expects later this month, is all that stands between Medico Express and the first advertising of its services to the public.

DRGZ through its subsidiaries engages in development and distribution of personal development, wellness, and entertainment consumer goods and services through print catalogs, radio, direct mail, direct response television programming, and the Internet in the United States. DRGZ has trailing twelve month revenues of $29.55 million. Its shares out versus float ratio is lopsided. 901K shares out and 280k shares in the float make the stock susceptible to instability in trading. It's liquid, but I would like to see more shares in the float.


Also gaining in value and volume this morning is Neohydro Technologies Corp., (NHYT) on the Bulletin Board in the $0.30 range. NHYT picked up $0.07 or 28% today on late news yesterday that its 'Green' technology has a definitive future. NHYT's average daily trading volume of 44,095 shares flew past 9,209,000 shares traded today. At 30 cents, NHYT now has a market cap of over $18 million.

Yesterday, NHYT announced that it furthering development of its proprietary licensed Green Interactive Hybrid System with GenesVettes. At present, the proprietary system is an after factory installation which significantly decreases engine wear and tear while maintaining the car's full warranty. This is not necessarily the case of most other technological enhancements with vehicles, as there are significant concerns about negating existing factory warranty protection.

On the road

Today, NHYT announced that its system was being showcased at the Walgreens' 12th Annual Car Show in Lynden, WA. NHYT holds the license for industrial applications of the Neohydro and Brinecell technologies worldwide. It operates as a service company for providing various water supply solutions to industrial clients globally. Founded in 2007, NHYT is based in Houston, Texas.

At $0.30, NHYT is below its 52-week high of $0.45 set on 10-21-08 and is above its 52-week low of $0.09 set on 04-28-09. At $0.30, NHYT is above both its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Its shares out versus float ratio is close enough not to raise any red flags.


Finally, picking up $0.03 today, or 130%, is BioAuthorize Holdings, Inc., (BAZH) trading on the OTCBB in the $0.05 range. The gain today was fueled by trading. BAZH's average daily trading volume is 2,353 shares and as of this writing it was well over 30,000 shares. Today's value gain also posts a new market cap of $1.41 million.

On July 12, BAZH received final approval from Apple, Inc. to launch its next application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, yadaBlackBook, which allows users to protect and maintain as secret, the content of their contacts by using their voice to authenticate their identity. The application is offered through the Apple App Store at $3.99 per download.

At a nickel, BAZH is off its 52-week high of $0.14 set on 07-25-08 but far above its 52-week low of $0.01 set on 05-18-09. At $0.05, it is above both its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. BAZH has 28 million+ shares outstanding and only 6 million+ shares in the float. It's liquid, but definitely needs more shares in the float for stability. This is a good watch and see stock. If BAZH can bring more applications to market now that it has Apple's ear; it could get past a nickel with ease.