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Wednesday's Stocks to Watch (and why): LVCA, SINX, SYMW, TGLN

Be sure to keep tabs on Lake Victoria Mining Company, Sionix, Sympowerco, and GameZnFlix/ TBC Global News today.

Wednesday should offer up some solid micro cap trading action, specifically from Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (OTCPK:LVCA), Sionix Corp. (OTCPK:SINX), Sympowerco Corp. (OTCPK:SYMW), and TBC Global News Inc. (TGLN.OB). Each of those stocks dropped some big news, or its chart took an unexplained turn, or both. Here's a closer look at all of them, and how you may want to proceed with trading.

The volume for Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (LVCA) surged greatly (from next to nothing to tens of thousands of shares) last week. However, this is one of those rare cases where the hype and new investor interest is actually merited.

For lack of a less corny way of saying it, this gold mining company 'struck it rich' at Kilimanjaro's Singida "Gold Rush" district... Victoria Mining's most recent project.

Often the fist word of success at a gold/silver mine pushes the stock up in a hurry, so much so that there's no point is jumping on it - it's a one day wonder. In the case of LVCA though, shares haven't spun out of control on the good news. Rather, we've simply seen well-paced (albeit volatile) bullish trending. 

In other words, Victoria Mining shares may have some upside left to pan out. Definitely keep this one on the radar, if not in your portfolio.

The chart of Sionix Corp. (SINX) doesn't really look all that compelling right now. In fact, it almost looks like it's made a head and shoulders pattern, which is bearish. And if the support at the 15 cent level breaks down, odds are that would be the best way to trade it... bearishly.

So why is Sionix even on the table? Because a downside trade can be just as profitable as an upside trade.

The primary reason SINX is of interest, however, is that it's just gotten a lot of attention lately.... meaning liquidity is good, and traders are making a market.

There's only one caveat - the company has paid for coverage/PR efforts, which can create an artificial bullish bias in a hurry (though it fades just as quickly). Keep close tabs on whatever trade you place.

Sionix, in a nutshell, owns and develops technology to make clean drinking and potable water.
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The only pink sheet of our four focus stocks today, Sympowerco Corp. (SYMW) posted some pretty big news after the market closed on Tuesday. It's partner in the fuel cell business - Hybrid Energy Technologies Inc. - has confirmed that it can successfully and profitably mass produce batteries using Sympowerco's battery design and specs.

In other words, there's a viable reason for the co-venture to proceed to the production stage. Together, the two companies will manufacture flat-plate batteries to be used in hybrid power systems.

As for the stock, it's not exactly clear if SYMW will react in a big way to news that's important, but not really 'tangible' to the average investor. However, if the market's in a good mood, a move above $0.0011 could jump start something bigger. A move above $0.0018 would pull SYMW out of its rut even more decisively.

It's just not clear if anyone will care though. Worth keeping an eye on.

GameZnFlix Inc./TBC Global News Inc.
(TGLN) has put up some major trade volume over the last two days on not-so-major news, which leads us to think there's something bigger going on here. Or maybe the stock's trading was so thin that any news at all was going to be a relative kick in the pants.

Either way, TBC Global News (the correct name for the company) is essentially a new company. The old entity, GameZnFlix, became TBC Global News late last month, and the revenue model changed to one that offers investors news coverage of small and young companies. There's no reason to bother looking at the organization's history.

So why is TGLN even on the radar? As was stated a moment ago, the volume surge may attract attention, and entice even more buying. It could be good for a quick profit scrape.

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