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Citigroup: Sell or Hold?

|Includes: Citigroup Inc. (C)
I really hope you took action on our Citigroup (NYSE:C) recommendation from last Tuesday. At the time, shares were priced at $2.88. Now they're trading at $3.70....translating into a 28% gain. That's not bad for a week and a half's worth of work. 

On the flip side, it poses a question - does one lock in a quick profit now, or would it be better to keep holding Citigroup for more upside, knowing the trade-off is a longer holding period? There's not an easy answer; even when I suggested the trade I saw short-term as well as long-term reasons to buy it. 

I'll leave the final decision up to you, as only you really know what your timeframe and risk tolerances are. However, I do have a suggestion... split the difference. If you don't know whether to sell or hold, I recommend you sell some of your position, and keep holding the rest of it. It's the ultimate hedge. 

More importantly though, I see a few more trading ideas like this coming our way - scenarios where a company is finally going to shrug off a burden in addition to improving its fiscal performance. 

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