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Caution - Today's Most Pumped Stocks Include UTRM, OPSY, BEHL, and AVOE

|Includes: Synopsys, Inc. (SNPS)

Shares of United Treatment Centers, Optical Systems, BioCentric Energy Holdings, and Avro Energy may or may not be responding to promotional efforts.

If you were wondering why there was an unusual amount of strength from United Treatment Centers, Inc. (UTRM.PK), Optical Systems, Inc. (OTC:OPSY), BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:BEHL), and Avro Energy, Inc. (OTC:AVOE) today, it's because all of these stocks were heavily pumped by promoters over the last 24 hours.

In some cases the touting is justified. In other cases, it's not. Here's a closer look at the good as well as the bad for all four.

There may actually be something to the sudden perkiness from United Treatment Centers, Inc. (UTRM); the company's got news with some real teeth

The joint venture agreement with Pump & Brush Finland Oy to launch a new waterless toothbrush? It's an official, signed deal now. Today's announcement that the company just bought the materials needed to make the toothbrushes confirms they're committed.

That's not the interesting part though. What's compelling about United Treatment Centers is that the company is profitable. It's not a lot of profit, but the P/E of 145 at least shows viability. 

As for UTRM shares themselves, we're seeing a nice, slow shift in momentum... for the better. This rebound should have legs.

Despite the artificially-induced interest, there's little that could save Optical Systems, Inc. (OPSY) from a pullback now. The stock's way overbought, and starting to tumble with relative ease.

The latest soapbox from which the promoters are perched is yesterday's news that Optical Systems intends to become a fully-reporting company, for the purpose of getting listed as an OTCBB sock rather than a pink sheet equity. 

While we don't doubt the intent, we will add that it's easier said than done; the process tends to throw far more curve balls than are usually expected (and takes way longer than figured).

In the meantime, OPSY shares are retreating from a key resistance level, and are en route - at least - to a significant support line. If that line fails to hold OPSY up, the stock could end up falling all the way back to near-zero prices.

That's too bad too. The 'software as a service' enterprise is legitimate, and the customer base is growing. The stock is just plagued by a lack of interest or understanding of the company. 

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Yes, BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (BEHL) is back.... this is probably our fourth or fifth look at the algae-into-ethanol company. We'll say this much for the stock - the promoting at least seems to be working. Last week's pullback was stopped early this week.

The latest fodder was Monday's "shareholder update", which was a broad recap of everything the company is, and where it's going. It's all very encouraging, and we suggest you review the letter to investors directly (we don't have time or space to detail it here). The basic gist is, though, BioCentric Energy Holdings is starting revenue-bearing ethanol operations, with more being lined up.

As for a chart of BEHL, it seems to be caught in limbo. The excessive runup from three weeks ago was largely corrected, but the stock did not (yet) fall all the way back to the support we marked at 2.5 cents. And, maybe it won't have to. The selling volume behind the dip certainly didn't suggest there was a lot of profit-taking interest behind the downside move.

Though BioCentric Energy Holdings has long-term investment merits, this is still a short-term 'trading stock' controlled by a flighty crowd. Buy the breakout, sell the breakdown, and never be the last one off the train.

By the way, the same algae-into-ethanol idea being embraced by BioCentric Energy Holdings has also been embraced by the likes of BP, Chevron, Dow, and ExxonMobil. So, it's probably more than a curious fad.

And finally, the only non pink-sheet stock making our most-pumped list today, Avro Energy, Inc. (AVOE) is milking yesterday's news of a successful recompletion of a well.

The Herring No. 2 well at the Hosston, Louisiana site had become operational - oil is indeed being pumped into a holding tank. Work on well No. 1 also began last week, and is hoped to start producing soon.

All the recent news of recently acquired wells - 13 in just the last several days by our count - has been good for this stock, which hadn't really traded much at all until mid July. However, despite the evident opportunity of recompleting 13 wells, the chart of AVOE suggests interest is waning in the shadow of a major runup. 

Avro Energy's meaningful trading history is so short, there's no a lot of purpose in trying to point out any high or low target levels. Just follow the momentum of AVOE instead, which seems to be bearish as of right now - the promotional effort doesn't seem to be getting traction anymore.

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