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Warning: Today's Most-Pumped Stocks Include IFUS, XCEL, and PPTO

Impact Fusion International, Xcellink International, and Precision Petroleum Corp. may be artificially attractive today.

If a handful of stocks just 'happened to pop up on your radar' this morning because they're such great opportunities, it may be wise to question how they got there in the first place. The promoters (some paid, some unpaid) were out in full force over the last 24 hours, touting Impact Fusion International Inc. (OTCPK:IFUS), Xcellink International Inc. (OTCPK:XCEL), and Precision Petroleum Corp. (OTC:PPTO). Here's a quick distinction between hype and reality for each one.

The last three days for Impact Fusion International Inc. (IFUS) have probably been the best three days ever, at least in terms of trading volume and interest. After years of being a disastrous stock, a company overhaul has offered IFUS investors some hope.

The rebound that started on Friday was an omen of Tuesday's news that Impact Fusion International would be entering the so-called 'wellness' market with its Intact Nutritions brand of food and vitamins/minerals. The market loved it.

What the market may not realize is that 'entering the market' is hardly news for Impact Fusion International. They've been in the health food and supplement business for quite some time - they just haven't done much in it. Moreover, the company's entry into said market is, as far as we can tell, just the establishment of an e-commerce website. All well and good, but that's not going to make a dent in terms of revenue.

The projections for $78 million in annual revenue for Impact Fusion International by 2012 are simply ridiculous.

Nevertheless, IFUS may offer up a good trade, as it's so incredibly cheap, and the hype is so strong. It's nowhere close to being investment-caliber yet though... it's just a swing trade opportunity. When the pumping stops, so too will the rally.
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Xcellink International Inc. (XCEL) was by far the most-promoted name of the three we're looking at today. And, while it needed the boost the most, the pumping is probably going to help XCEL the least.

There's not a lot of trading history here, but what there is has been mostly bearish... the profit takers went to work as soon as there was a liquid market.

The company was hoping its entry into the mobile (device) payment market would inspire a little more enthusiasm for Impact Fusion International shares. There are two key issues on that front though. First, all the news so far has been projections or expectations - nothing tangible in terms of results. Second, the idea of mobile-phone-based payment procession may be too unorthodox for the average investors to grasp.

Either way, the sellers are outnumbering the buyers with XCEL trading in the $0.70/$0.80 range.

Precision Petroleum Corp. (PPTO) has had a busy summer, acquiring partial rights to what appears to be a few dozen near-producing oil wells. Too bad none of it has produced a penny in revenue yet.

Precision Petroleum Corp. is an oil exploration company (though it has hinted at interest in mineral mining as well). As an explorer, it's not necessarily unusual or surprising that there's been no revenue. The problem is, there's been no revenue for two and a half years.... how long is it going to take to find a revenue-bearing site?

As it turns out - and this is what the company as well as all the stock promoters are counting on - the recently acquired Overriding Royalty Interests (ORRI) for two leases at the Moreland site in Nowata County, Oklahoma could be 'the one' they're waiting for. Precision Petroleum's president says this particular program could potentially produce more than double the normal existing recoverable and probable reserves in these kinds of wells
The only problem for PPTO owners is this.... two times nothing is still nothing.

For a stock promoter to get behind something like this is unusual; if it was a paid promotion it's even more unusual, as oil/gas explorers usually don't bother.  In other words, it's something of a red flag for PPTO shares.

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