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Today's Most Promoted Penny Stocks: TTEG, QMIN, SNRR, NEPH

|Includes: Nephros, Inc. (NEPH), SNRR

Turbine Truck Engines, Quest Minerals & Mining, Super Nova Resources, and Nephros may be strong today for artificial reasons.

Before deciding to jump on the market's latest penny stock rocket, you may want to think twice - there's a good chance the sudden buying interest has been artificially induced by promoters and pumpers. The stocks that have been the most highly promoted over the last 254 hours include Turbine Truck Engines Inc. (OTCQB:TTEG), Quest Minerals & Mining Corp. (OTC:QMIN), Super Nova Resources, Inc. (OTC:SNRR), and Nephros Inc. (OTCQB:NEPH).

Just to be clear, the companies themselves may not be supporting (financially or otherwise) the pumping effort. Either way, since the hype created for some penny stocks may actually obscure an otherwise worthy investment, a closer look at each stock and company is merited.

The promotional effort this past weekend for Turbine Truck Engines Inc. (TTEG) may well be one of the best seen in a long time. The stock is up 66%, gapping from Friday's high and close of $0.24 to the opening price of $0.36.

And get this - there was absolutely no news to support the effort. The last we heard from the company was on Wednesday (August 19th) when Turbine Truck Engines announced they've be entering China's personal transportation market by putting a strong focus on low-emission and high-efficiency car engines.

Given all the recent developments and newly-forged partnerships - like the ones with Tianjin Out Sky Technology and Aerospace Machinery and Electric Equipment - TTEG may actually be a very viable penny stock opportunity. Unfortunately, after today's blistering gap, now's clearly a time to avoid stepping in. Be patient.

Quest Minerals & Mining Corp. (QMIN) shares were supposed to possibly 'pop' according to an e-mail received from a penny stock reviewer. The company had recently received a large coal order from a major coal production/distribution company, and QMIN shares were testing a support level.

The e-mail failed to mention that the news of the large order was actually released August 12th..... two weeks before the 'buy' message came.

As for support, Friday's low of $0.022 was only loosely in line with a low of $0.011 from earlier in the month, and there was nothing else significant about that level; it was hardly support. 

A sheer bounce play? Actually, yeah, that was a possibility. Given the strength of the downtrend though - and despite today's big gain - it's not likely this penny stock pumping effort will get traction for long.

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This morning's news of a partnership with Symplx Group has certainly given the market plenty to talk about with Super Nova Resources, Inc. (SNRR), but it was actually last week's announcement that a LIVE interactive entertainment platform has been developed. The system is set up at retail locations, and gives would-be entertainers a chance to create as song, dance, or comedy act and submit it to..... well, wherever it's supposed to go. (The 'why' and 'how' details weren't part of the news release.)

The problem is, Super Nova Resources has been dropping news like this - investment worthy stuff - for the last several weeks, yet SNRR has been dropping like a rock.

What gives? Partnerships, technology, and ideas are all well and good, but they're meaningless if a company can't turn them into tangible, plausible revenue... and that's the one thing we've yet to hear about from Super Nova Resources.

The thing is, the pumping effort now seems to be working - SNRR has perked up the last couple of days. That in itself may make this chart trade-worthy in the short run, but this is hardly a stock that's a long-term superstar yet.

Nephros Inc. (NEPH) wasn't exactly the subject of a new promotional effort. Rather, the fact that the stock had been picked about a month ago was highly touted.... NEPH is up about 70% since then. However, it's certainly to the promoter's benefit if Nephros shares do indeed keep climbing. So, there was a bit of a 'don't miss out on any more gains' feel to the e-mail message sent.

That said, NEPH shares may well deserve their new price of $2.29. Within the last several weeks the company won FDA clearance - 510k, technically - for its Dual Stage Ultrafilter (NYSE:DSU) used by dialysis patients, and also issued four new patents.

Though sales are getting stronger and the net loss shrank dramatically, it's still not clear if the current market cap of $87.4 million is justified compared to last quarter's top line of $527K. Maybe the new filters will foster revenue appropriate with the stock's value - the company's not really given us any kind of perspective.

In the meantime, the modest pullback from new highs hit last week may be a hint that the euphoria rally has run its course, and the current owners are desperately trying to revive NEPH before it falls any further.

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