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The Best Journalists, Bloggers, Newsletters, And Podcasts For Investing

Here is a list of the best journalists, bloggers, newsletter providers, and podcasts I have found during my journey to learn how to invest like the best. The lists are in no particular order as I believe everyone listed here consistently provides excellent content to their audience. If you have any suggestions on who else I should follow, please leave a comment below.


1) Carol Loomis of Fortune

2) Floyd Norris of the New York Times

3) Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal

4) Matt Levine of the Bloomber View


1) Unkown at

2) Kevin Simler at

3) Shane Perrish at

4) The group at

5) Matt Seawright at

6) Barry ritholtz at


1) The Brain Food Newsletter at

2) The Book Club at

3) Weekly thoughts at


1) Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy

2) The Meb Faber Show with Meb Faber

3) The Investors Podcast with Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen

4) Bloomberg's Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz

5) Trend Following Radio with Michael Covel