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Mr. President- Leave My Health Care Alone!

As I read about these new health care laws going into place, I cannot for the life of me figure out why we have to be penalized like we are. You are leading our country and yet our health care is rising in price now for no reason. Maybe you should consider looking at Colorado where I live.

Anyone can get health care coverage in Colorado. No one needs be denied coverage. Doctor with Toddler

We have small group plans that employers give employees. Even an individual owner who is self employed can qualify for one of these plans on their birthday. There is no denial of coverage here. Everyone can and will be covered.

For those who are healthy and want to save some money we have the individual health arena. Here companies are allowed to underwrite & even turn down people for coverage. But it is not all that bad. Most people qualify for this type of coverage and the healthy people don’t need to pay as much for coverage they do not need. Pregnancy coverage is a rider on a policy like this, we do not have to pay for it along with other coverage we don’t need. It is our choice.

For those who are unemployed but may not qualify for the individual health insurance arena, we have a program called Cover Colorado. The price is a little more than the Individual Arena, but less expensive than the small group. They will not be denied coverage. They can get coverage if they need it for anything.

No one is denied coverage or dropped from coverage as long as they are paying their premiums.

In Colorado, everyone can find coverage. If someone doesn’t have coverage, it is because they chose not to pay for it. If someone just does not have any money at all to pay for health care, we have the Colorado Indigent Care Program that provides huge discounts for medical care to those that qualify.

In Colorado, everyone can be covered, if they want to be.

Okay Mr. President go find your few examples here that fall through the holes and aren’t covered but want to be, you will find the reason being is they may not be able to afford it but make too much money for the Indigent program. Well, your answers to our health care are not helping.

Your ultimate plan is to do away with the Individual Arena of Health care that provides so many benefits to people at a discounted rate. You are trying to make everyone—EVERYONE pay more for no reason at all. You are trying to make us all pay Small Groups rates when we don’t need to. Well, I want the choice to pay for what I want.

Prices are increasing drastically. I am not happy about this. But you are wrong; it is not the evil empire Optometrist
Insurance companies that are the problem.

I do not see why the Insurance carriers have to raise their rates 20%+ every year…year after year. Now I agree that does not seem right. But neither does the billing of the medical centers. My son broke his hand last summer. He went to the specialist, brought in his own x-rays and was told he needed his hand put in a caste. Tell us something we didn’t know. $900+ bill. He was told they would knock the bill in half if he paid it all up front. Then it was over $260 every time he needed a new caste put on!

I had a friend who went to the emergency room for food poisoning. She was in the ER for 3½ hours. They gave her two IV’s and an anti-nausea pill. Cost-- $2200.00 they told her they would knock 40% off the bill if she paid it right then. Don’t just look at the Insurance Companies, the medical facilities are robbing us and the Insurance companies blind.

And let us not forget the tort system. Almost every other commercial on TV is about a class action law suite against a medical institution for some drug or another anymore.

If you are going to fix the system, then fix the system. Stop playing with my health care. Address the tort system; address the billing practices; and address the Insurance Companies. Either do it right or don’t do it at all.

I don’t know what you think the problem is, but it’s not getting health care. In Colorado, anyone can find health care. You are not helping us—robbing us of choice and then raising our rates almost 30% to 40% more in the Small Group Arena and then MAKING it MANDATORY that we buy it. You are not helping at all.

Mr. President, if you are not going to address the real problem with health care then leave ours alone.

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