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|Includes: The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Inc. (GAP)
Prudent traders adjust to changes in money flow in the markets by continually shifting their investing dollars towards prospective opportunities. Today our spotlight shifts to Artfest International, Inc. (OTCBB: ARTS)

Last week, shares of Artfest International, Inc. (OTCBB: ARTS) traded all-time high volume as the price reversed trend to the upside. This event immediately succeeded two weeks of consolidation, or sideways trading, a premature sign of a bottom
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The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (NYSE: GAP) share price tumbled over 30% Friday; down 80% year-to-date. Rule of thumb is that the market overreacts to both the upside and downside, depending on whether a bullish or bearish event appears, and that a technical correction or price ‘bounce’ follows. The primary signal for entry is the break of $2.65; $2.80 is another pivotal level of resistance. $2.60 supports the price and may be interpreted as a pull-back entry. Our target price is $2.96/share.

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (NYSE: GAP) has already shown signs of a trend to the upside; shares are up over 5% on the session in early-morning trading. To receive trading ideas like these on a regular basis, subscribe to our premium service