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What a year it's been...and it's barely half over

It seems like 2009 is going to be a very rough and tumble year all over the world. Considering all the news that's being broadcast lately (RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon, you will all be missed!), it feels as though very little of it is good news. Actually, what's worse is the good news is met with more suspicion and cynicism whether its about the economy, innovation, politicans, policy changes or otherwise.

Perhaps we are coming to realize the scope and depth of our situation and will come out of this stronger. I do find it strange how the malls are packed with people but we're supposedly in a recession. Perhaps this is limited to Toronto only but it makes me uneasy. There have been several new bank promotions rewarding account holders for saving money, or just using bank services period. Spend or save? Stimulate the economy or try to build up your emergency funds? I believe consumers are confused, and are simply trying to go about their lives, sometimes using the economy as excuses when making financial decisions with no real basis on fact. I guess the trouble is, the average consumer cannot differentiate from opinion or fact and is unable (or unwilling) to devote themselves to educating themselves.

Are you watching and waiting, or jumping on the opportunities that pop up from this downturn?