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Wealth Strategies Magazine Releases It's First April 2010 Issue With A Focus On ETFs (JFT, CSD, EEH, BVT, OTR, XRO, PDP, DEF, RYJ, OTP)

|Includes: BVT, CSD, DEF, EEH, First Trust Enhanced 130/30 Index ETN (JFT), OTP, OTR, PDP, RYJ, XRO

Wealth Strategies is the first investment publication of its kind that will focus exclusively on investment strategies that work in any market environment. Most mainstream media outlets concentrate only on traditional buy and hold investing and the market’s ups and downs that come with it. Wealth Strategies will instead focus on the strategies and products that have been proven to be successful in both bull and bear markets. This will include market timing, tactical asset allocation, technical trading and other alternative strategies. Many of the strategies will include the use of trading ETFs. 

In addition to the strategy articles, each issue will contain a cover story with relevant market and economic analysis, trading philosophy or new investment products. Finally, each issue will also include Cohne Investment Group’s proprietary ETF Strategy Rankings and Mutual Fund Alpha Rankings.

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Here is a snapshot inside the issue:

Current Issue: Issue No. 1/ April 2010

Cover Story

Are Mutual Funds Still a Viable Investment?

Trading Strategy

Regional Rotation Model (ETF)

ETF Strategy Rankings

Top Ten Ranked Strategy ETFs

Mutual Fund Alpha Rankings

Top Ten Ranked Alpha Funds

Disclaimer: The views and expectations presented in the analyses, data and product presentations in the publication should not be viewed as investment recommendations of and by the Wealth Strategies Magazine or any of its affiliates or associates. Investors should seek independent professional advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

ABOUT: Wealth Strategies Magazine

David Cohne is the Publisher of Wealth Strategies Magazine

Wealth Strategies is a concise financial publication that caters to sophisticated investors and advisors. Issues will include product research, relevant articles and investment strategies for creating and preserving wealth from a network of strategists, traders and portfolio managers. Many investors have been burned by traditional passive and buy and hold investment strategies. Wealth Strategies will be a forum to showcase money managers that take a different approach. In their own words, they will give us a glimpse into their trading and investing strategies. These strategies may include tactical asset allocation, market timing, individual security selection, guru following and algorithmic trading.
Any proprietary research offered in the magazine will be powered by Cohne Investment Group. This includes Cohne Investment Group's proprietary strategy rankings. Cohne Investment Group will provide us with their top ten mutual fund strategies and their top ten active ETF strategies each issue. They will also provide us with periodic investment product research.

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