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What is the drive for the uptrend?

Mainstream media is starting to proclaim that the recession is over and economy is picking up. But what is the basis of the uptrend? To answer that it is useful to look back what drove the economy before the crisis. It was a astronomous overconsumption in the industrial countries mainly in the US and GB financed by easy money and a stock market/real estate bubble, the latter also "financed" by easy money (low interest rates, low taxes). So, we had a divided industrial world, the one that produced the goods (china, germany, japan, etc.) and the one that bought on credit. This growing imbalance tilted with the bursting bubble. 

 What is happening now? The economy "recovery" is again financed by easy money and there are the same countries that produce and consume, respectively. So, nothing really changed. We are reinforcing the bubble imbalance that lead us to the state we are right now. Can this work? No. That is why there can be no sustained growth in the long term. This current bubble will have to burst again, and I am not sure if the economic, social and political consequences would be the same ("good") as they are right now.

 What should we do? The balance in the world economy has to be reestablished. The consumer countries should start to produce, export and save the money whereas the producing countries have to stimulate private demand, at least to a reasonable degree. The interest rates should be higher, overcapacities should be reduced, companies that cannot survive should not be kept alive. This procedure would be painful in the short-term but much better in the long-term. Just the opposite of the way the crisis is handled now.