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DVD REVIEW: Breadth Internal Indicators: Winning Swing & Position Trading

Breadth Internal Indicators: Winning Swing & Position Trading is an educational DVD by a division of the Pristine Capital Holdings (established in 1994, with over 60,000 subscribes, and online educational & training products at


What Capra Does

Trader & author Greg Capra describes the role Breadth Indicators play in investing and trading decisions. Properly used, Breadth indicators can either reinforce a price action, or signal divergences from price action and potential turning-points in the market.


How He Does It

The Breadth Indicators Capra describes, include:

  1. Advancing & Declining Issues
  2. New 52-week Highs & Lows
  3. Applying TRIN and McClellan Oscillators, and much more.

Some traders live-&-die by breadth indicators and other traders give it passing attention. I’ll leave the final decision of how much (or how little) attention to give to breadth indicators to the reader.  Suffice it to say that if you want a good introduction into Breadth Indicators and how to use them in your trading strategy then you should consider this product.


PROS: Capra gives you a no-frills introduction into Breadth Indicators, why they’re important, how to use them, and their limitations. The DVD does not over-kill with excessive examples, but does provide sufficient charts and examples to grasp the concepts and learn how to apply them.



  1. There are examples that are virtually identical to those the author uses in another product, Sentiment Internal Indicators: Winning Swing & Position Trading.  Both DVDs use the same example with hedge fund Long Term Capital Management. They also have nearly identical discussion in the DVD segment in which the author describes why we should consider the indicators (they allow us to make objective decisions).  These two products ARE DIFFERENT, AND THEY DO COVER COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOPICS. No questions with that. My only criticism is with the use of a few examples that seem identical between the products, but the discussion in the product is in fact completely different.
  2. The charts presented during the DVD are sometimes over-packed with too much material, making following the DVD difficult. But neither of these criticisms is fatal.