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Natural Gas Prices

|Includes: The United States Natural Gas ETF, LP (UNG)

A few Arguments for a bull market in NG are lame...

1. Oh, traditionally we have not seen the divergence between Oil and NG so wide.

  Answer:  Come on, we are not in a traditional market.  Look around, do you see anything good happening?  We are in a world-wide recession headed for manipulated deflation followed by uncontrolled inflation which will drive us to Socialism.

2. With the drop in rigs, we have got to see a decrease in production and that will drive prices up.

 Answer:  That thinking doesn't consider that Horizontal rigs are rising and Horizontal shale wells have 10-50X the production that traditional vertical wells have.  Duh.

3. The economy is turning around.

 Answer:  Are you just watching MSNBC?  Wake up, check out the unemployment rate.  Look at foreclosure rates.  The only things positive are the things that the government is blowing YOUR money on. (Cash 4 Clunkers) (Bank Bailouts) (Sea turtles)  Get the picture?  The government has transferred Private debt to Public debt.  Now we are all in the sinking ship.

Sorry, I know there is more, but I am tired and want to go to bed.

Just keep this thought in mind... "God is still in control of this world."