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12 New Cell Lines to be Launched, BioTime (Amex: BTIM)

BTIM will unveil 12 new cell lines to be launched 11/1/10. Additional information about these new products will be found at: beginning with product launch.

Emerging technologies that allow the isolation and characterization of the thousands of cell types emerging from hES cell cultures is called embryomics and primitive stem cell lines derived from hES cells that propagate in vitro and are precursors to fully differentiated cells are called embryonic progenitor  cells. Human embryonic stem cells are unique in:

  • They display an ability to replicate without limit while cultured in the undifferentiated state (replicative immortality);
  • They display pluripotency in that they are capable of cascading into all of the myriad cell types in the developing human.

BTIM’s Embryome Sciences specializes in serving the needs of researchers studying ES cell differentiation and embryomics.

  • Embryome provides quality ESpanTM cell culture media optimized for the growth of human embryonic progenitor cell types and will soon be offering clonal and polyclonal human embryonic progenitor cell lines, including fluorescent and luminescent cell lines (ESpyTM), and specific pathogen free (SPF) embryonic chick extracts useful in the differentiation and propagation of cell lines.
  • BTIM also sponsors the International Embryome Initiative through the online database which provides a growing systematic description of the cell lineages and molecular markers of developing vertebrate species.