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New Products offered, Biotime (AMEX: BTX)

ON 12/15/10, BTX’s subsidiary Embryome Sciences will add a group of new products to its product line.

The new products will include 31 new human embryonic progenitor cell lines, associated cell culture media, 53 diverse extracellular matrices, and 62 diverse extracts from conditioned media, all of which will be offered for research use only;

  • Additional information about these new products will be found at beginning with product launch.

Human embryonic progenitor cells are intermediate in the developmental process between embryonic stem cells and fully differentiated cells. The cells may possess the ability to become a wide array of cell types with potential applications in research, drug discovery, and potential novel regenerative stem cell therapies. The cells are relatively easy to manufacture on a large scale and in a purified state, which may make it advantageous to work with these cells compared to the direct use of human embryonic stem cells.