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StemCells (STEM), 2 new Antibody Reagents

STEM launched STEM24 and STEM133 … 2 antibody reagents that have utility for the isolation and detection of a range of different human cell types.

STEM24 and its conjugated forms recognize human CD24, also known as Heat Stable Antigen (NYSE:HSA), a glycoprotein is expressed on the surface of many human cell types, including immature human hematopoietic cells, peripheral blood lymphocytes, erythrocytes and many human carcinomas.

  • CD24 is also a marker of human neural differentiation;
  • STEM24 is available in the following forms: STEM24 Unconjugated, STEM24 Allophycocyanin (NYSE:APC)-conjugated and STEM24 Phycoerythrin (NYSE:PE)-conjugated;
  • STEM133 and its biotin-conjugated form recognize the human antigen CD133 (Prominin-1), a marker expressed on the surface of primitive cells, including hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, neural stem cells, endothelial stem cells, cancer stem cells, as well as developing epithelium.

The Bottom Line: STEM expands the SC Proven portfolio for the stem cell and general cell biology research markets to provide reagents for the detection, isolation, expansion, differentiation and characterization of a variety of different human and animal cell types.