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UCSD Researchers get $5.6M from CIRM

University of California, San Diego received $5.6M in grants from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).
  • Dr Larry Goldstein received $1.8M to continue developing a way to mass-produce active stem cells, known as induced pluripotent stem cells, from dormant stem cells found in adult human tissue;
  • Dr Karl Willert received $2M to create genetically modified cell lines from embryonic stem cells that could be used to replace damaged tissue;
  • Dr Shu Chien received $1.8M for his work developing synthetic microenvironments for growing and manipulating stem cells. (HWM and K Darce, Uniontrib)

The Bottom Line: The latest round of grants raises UCSD’s award total to nearly $83M. The money was among $32.9M dolled out by the CIRM to 7 nonprofit institutions and 3 companies. The $1.1B that California taxpayers have provided for stem cell research in the state is generating 2,739 jobs annually, according to CIRM. Since most of the research work still focuses on early basic science work and studies in animals, the funding has mainly created jobs tied to laboratory construction and positions for new scientists, assistants and lab technicians.