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7 new Stem Cell Lines, UMass Stem Cell Bank

UMass’ Medical School’s Human Stem Cell Bank and Registry has released their first 7 stem cell lines to outside researchers in the treatment and cure of .

Researchers need reliable stem-cell supplies. Production of the cells can be an expensive burden that can take away from time spent making discoveries.

  • The buzz over stem cells comes from their unique status: master building blocks capable of long-term regeneration through cell division, with an ability to specialize given the right coaxing. (HWM and MMorton,

The Bottom Line: Scientists need to tap the cells to determine how humans develop and how healthy cells replace damaged ones. These stem cell lines are screening for chromosomal abnormalities and bacterial infections and ensuring that cells retain their versatility and vitality. While some lines are intended for therapies, others hold genetic disorders for comparison’s sake and testing purposes.