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Fibrocell Science, Autologous cell therapy

Developing a method for converting dermal fibroblasts into regenerative, functional human cell types for applications in autologous cell therapy

The resulting technology of Fibrocell Science teaming up with scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) could have applications in the treatment of disorders ranging from Parkinson disease and diabetes to heart disease.

  • In 2/11, Fibrocell published data from a 5 patient pilot study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of autologous fibroblasts in the treatment of vocal fold scarring. The trial showed that autologous fibroblasts injected into the lamina propria layer of the vocal folds as an outpatient procedure was well tolerated and resulted in objective and subjective improvements in voice quality that were sustained up to 12 months after treatment.

The Bottom Line: Successful results have in addition been achieved in Phase II/III studies in evaluating autologous fibroblast therapy in patients with acne scars and in a Phase II study in full face rejuvenation. Early clinical data in patients with burn scars and periodontal disease studies have also been promising. Fibrocell is developing autologous (personalized) fibroblast-based cell therapies for aesthetic, medical, and scientific applications. A BLA for their lead product, azficel-T, is currently under FDA review for the treatment of moderate to severe nasolabial fold wrinkles in patients older than 18 year of age.