Regenerative Medicine Weekly Trend Line

Mar. 14, 2011 1:28 PM ET
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Visibility with elements of viability continues to be the indicators of volume initiatives…

Some shares of regenerative medicine companies lost and regained lost ground by Friday, 3/11/11, after being (yet again) pushed up but, mostly down during the week.

  • At the end of the week, US stocks were up 3/11/11… having started out rocky in the beginning hours based on oil prices and Japan’s earthquake(s) and resulting Tsunami, economic worries abroad and in the US.

Advancers (7):  Cytori (CYTX) up $0.72 (10.98%) to $7.28; Athersys (ATHX) up $0.03 (1.20%) to $2.53; Aastrom (ASTM) up $0.02 (0.86%) to $2.34; International Stem Cell (OTCQB:ISCO) up $0.03 (2.34%) to $1.31;  BioTime (AMEX: BTX) up $0.34 (4.38%) to $8.11 and NeoStem (AMEX: NBS)  up $0.03 (1.87%) to $1.63 and ThermoGenesis (KOOL) up 0.05 (2.38%) to $2.15.

Decliners (12): Geron (GERN) down -$0.02 (-0.41%) to $4.83; Opexa (OPXA) down $0.01 (-0.57%) to $1.73; Pluristem (PSTI) down $0.01 (-0.42%) to $2.39; Osiris (OSIR) down $0.34 (-5.26%) to $6.12; Advanced Stem Cell Technology (OTC: ACTC) down -$0.002 (10.41%) to $0.165; StemCells (STEM) down $0.008 (-0.95%) to $0.811;  Brainstorm (BCLI) down -$0.001 (-0.32%) at $0.309;  ReNeuron Group (RENE.L) down -$0.03 (-0.44%) to $5.67; Tengion (TNGN) down -$0.13 (-4.69%) to $2.64; BioMimetic (BMTI) down -$0.07 (-0.55%) to $12.65; Neuralstem (AMEX:CUR) down -0.03 (-1.61%) to $1.83 and ImmunoCellar Therapeutics (OTCPK:IMUC) down $0.01 (-0.42%) to $2.39.

Flat (1): BioHeart (OTCPK:BHRT) at $0.21.

The Bottom Line: Cytori Therapeutics (CYTX) was the biggest winner which was up $0.72 to $7.28 or 10.98% based on good Q4/10 earnings and regulatory updates. In the spotlight, CYTX grew product sales 41% and made substantial progress in advancing its cardiovascular device product pipeline during 2010 in a universe of development spending companies. A continual up is AMEX: BTX. From the 3/11/11close, the market’s indication still is a lack of real conviction. Total short interest has grown markedly in recent years for reasons having much to do with a particular company’s stock but having little or nothing to do with the overall market. In the regenerative medicine universe, short sale data seem to carry significance. This doesn’t mean that short-sellers will be wrong about individual company viability and visibility. Declining stocks (12 to 7) outpaced those advancing, a most notable indicator. The regenerative medicine universe market indicates a lack of real conviction while the NASDAQ closed up 14.59 or 0.54% to 2715.61.

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