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Politics, Votes to Restrict stem cell research in Oklahoma

Oklahoma House of Representatives voted 3/17/11 to make it a crime to destroy an embryo during stem cell research. 

The Destructive Human Embryo Research Act sponsored by Rep. George Faught passed 86-8 and now heads to the Senate. The bill makes it a misdemeanor crime to conduct “destructive research” on a human embryo or to sell, receive or transfer a human embryo knowing it would be subject to destructive research.

The Bottom Line: Another basic right to life politically based legislation which was  passed in a similar bill in 2009, but was vetoed by then-Democratic Gov. Brad Henry, who had said then the measure was mischaracterized and would prohibit research that could potentially save lives. The House voted to override Henry’s veto, but the Senate did not. Did OKLA start a trend which spilled over into MINN and other states?