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StemCells (STEM) expands SC Proven product Portfolio

StemCells launched 9 new products and 3 related kits to facilitate stem cell research.

The new line of purified nucleic acid and protein stem cell lysate products will enable stem cell researchers to more accurately test and validate stem cell lines and associated genes and gene products.

  • These new reagents are serum-free and are produced by purification of the DNA, RNA or protein content of the lysates of homogenous mouse stem cell lines. Prior to the launch of these reagents, researchers have had to rely on crude lysates created from mixed cell populations, which often contain contaminants such as animal-serum components and other factors that can significantly impair the reliability of analytical performance.

The  SC Proven stem cell lysate products are affinity-purified from cultures of a homogenous population derived from a single stem cell in the pluripotent naive or ‘ground state’1-4 or from homogenous multipotent neural stem5-7 cell lines grown in defined, serum-free SC Proven cell culture media. These reagents have significant utility for intra-comparative studies, such as Epigenetic analyses, Southern, Western and Northern blots, PCR, RT-PCR, and microarrays.

The Bottom Line: The launch of these cell lysate reagents brings to 20, the total number of stem cell research products launched since 1/10. These lysate products are ideally suited to verify a cell, a gene or the gene product of a true, homogenous stem cell state, or of a more mature differentiated state. The search for revenue versus a distinction of a development focus continues to drive stem cell companies.