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The Daily Look, Mid-week view

US stocks were up 3/23/11 … having started out down but a move in the early am following the universes down day on 3/22/11 where there were more downturns than ups.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up 67.39 points (0.56%) to 12,086.02 while the NASDAQ rose 14.43 (0.54%) to 2698.30. 

On Wednesday, 3/23/11, moderate volume there was a basic even movement:

Trading up companies (9): ACTC.OB, CYTX, ISCO.OB, OPXA, OSIR, ISCO.OB, TNGN, BMTI and AMEX: CUR;

Trading down companies (9): ATHX, ASTM, GERN, PSTI, STEM, RENE.L, AMEX: BTX, KOOL and IMUC;

Flat (3): AMEX: NBS, BCLI.OB and BHRT.OB

The Bottom Line: The biggest winner and continued driver of the regenerative medicine universe swing-up was Cytori Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) which was up $0.76 to $7.87 or 10.73% having been down $0.23 on 3/22/11.  From the 3/23/11 update, the market’s indication still is a lack of real story lines and visibility. Yet again, hate to harp but, I reiterate another complicating factor is the greater ease with which small-cap stocks are able to be sold short. To better topics, the more trials initiated heightens the story lines on the universe. The topic this week so far is the interest in critical limb ischemia (NYSE:CLI) where a number of firms are considering initiating trials (ASTM, PSTI, Biomet Biologics <Pvt>, Harvest Technologies <Pvt>), another financing (TSX VENTURE: SSS), patent issuance (ACTC.OB), new revenue enhancing products (STEM), a collaboration (Roche and Cellular Dynamics <Pvt>), closure of an acquisition (AMEX:BTX) as well as PSTI’s go it alone strategy but, with a marketing partner focus. Better markets and mid-day increases tend to be the movers of this micro-universe.