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The Daily Look, Mid-week view

US stocks were up 3/30/11 … 


On Wednesday, 3/30/11, improving volume hopefully, heightened visibility. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up 71.60 points (0.58%) to 12,350.61 while the NASDAQ rose 19.90 (0.72%) to 2776. 79.

Trading up companies (12): CYTX, ATHX, ISCO.OB, STEM, OSIR, AMEX: NBS, ISCO.OB, IMUC, BHRT.OB, BMTI, KOOL and AMEX: CUR were up; 

Trading down companies (8): ASTM, GERN, PSTI, ACTC.OB, TNGN, BCLI.OB, RENE.L and AMEX: BTX;

Flat (4):  ACTC.OB, AMEX: NBS, OPXA and BCLI.OB.

The Bottom Line: The biggest winner and continued driver of the regenerative medicine universe swing-up was Osiris Therapeutics (NASDAQ: OSIR) which was up $0.24 to $7.29 or 3.40% having traded at $7.05 on 3/29/11.  The market’s indication still is a lack of real story lines but, visibility is “slinking” back into the market. Mid-week, a weak story news cycle identified: radiation implications, cord blood stem cell adaption (NASDAQ:KOOL), increased revenue expectation from their SC PROVEN portfolio (STEM) and Q4/10 and FY10 results (ISCO.OB and TNGN), new analyst initiation (ASTM) while a private company identified radiation therapy initiatives (Cellerant) as well as a few science briefs focused the news. Yet again, hate to harp; I reiterate another complicating factor is the greater ease with which small-cap stocks are able to be sold short. Overall, it was a good Wednesday, we are happy when ups versus downs enhance our universe