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The RegMed Daily Dialogue, 5/24/11, whew, I was holding my breathe

The 6 W’s:   Who, what, where, when, why and what of it…

Regenerative medicine/stem cell universe stocks are slightly down having been up in mid-day trading on Tuesday (5/24/11). The NASDAQ is down  (having been up in the mid-day) 6.55 (-0.24%) to 2752.35. The Dow is up slightly +0.46 (-0.00%) to 12,381.72.

US equities are trading mostly lower as the market weighs continued Eurozone debt concerns and higher commodity prices as well as better than expected new home sales data and disappointing Richmond Fed numbers amid a weaker dollar. Energy and telecom are leading gains while industrials and financials top declines.

What’s driving the regenerative medicine – stem cell market today … momentum indicators project rising share prices and more people in the universe buying. Finally after a rough few weeks, a bottom is being defined and highlighted by appreciative moves.  The trend is good but, but I will keep my mouth shut and be thankful … so far.


No Real news … other than my own musings … as I have been waiting for the …”INDICATOR” … of bottom findings … my OWN barometer … which is: Cytori (NASDAQ:CYTX) Therapeutics who has had a precipitous drop in these last few weeks. But, they are up mid-day…

I have been quiet lately on Cytori (CYTX) as sometimes it is good to step back and shake the pre-conceived inclinations from ones beliefs. CYTX had run a great race in appreciation but, what it was based on … a good look and  feel in the stem cell/ regenerative medicine universe. They had everything; all the other universe place holders did not.

The bottom line … by what standard was I and investors holding CYTX … it is still … a development company.

For an industry segment known for both hope and hype, it was no surprise that stem cell therapies dropped like stones as investors took all and any profit in pre-run-up ownership positions.  Also the run-down in share pricing opened the door for shorts to further ambush CYTX’s share price …and others as fundamentals were … just not there. CYTX should … again … make headlines as regulatory initiatives are filed. I assess a BUY ranking believing share price depreciation have finally settled CYTX to a more bottom line valuation with upward mobility.