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Regenerative Medicine Weekly Trend Line

Shares of regenerative medicine stem cell companies were off due to macro issues and negative government data. 

At the end of the week, the NASDAQ was DOWN -40.53 (-1.46%) to 2732.78 (LW: 2796.86). The Dow was also DOWN -97.29 (-0.79) to 12,151.26 (LW: 12,441.58).

US equities finished lower on Friday (6/3/11) after opening sharply lower on yet another disappointing economic data-point. Very little corporate news flow meant that global growth concerns remain the primary driver which sent major indices to new lows for the week.

My theme of this weeks review is … there will be continued mixed signals from markets … as a long, hot summer’s volatility rules the period. But, risks are global with lackluster fits and starts thus, June will be a defensive month.   (Last week close, 5/27/11 = LW)

Advancers (3):

  • Advanced Cell Technology (OTC: ACTC) up $0.013 (6.70%) to $0.207 (LW $0.192);
  • Brainstorm (NASDAQ:BCLI) up $0.008 (2.86%) to $0.288 (LW $0.28);
  • Osiris (NASDAQ:OSIR) up $0.06 (0.84%) to $7.17 (LW $7.08).

Decliners (14):   

  • Aastrom (ASTM) down -$0.08 (-2.39%) to $3.07 (LW $3.10);
  • Athersys (NASDAQ:ATHX) down -$0.03 (-1.07%) to $2.78 (LW $2.92):
  • BioMimetic (NASDAQ:BMTI) down -$0.20 (-2.65%) to $7.34 (LW $8.10);
  • BioTime (AMEX: BTX) down -$0.25 (-5.18%) to $4.58 (LW $5.07);
  • Cytori (NASDAQ:CYTX) down -$0.12 (-2.26%) to $5.18 (LW $5.60);
  • Geron (NASDAQ:GERN) down -0.11 (-2.51%) to $4.27 (LW $4.45);
  • NeoStem (AMEX: NBS) down -$0.06 (-3.64%) to $1.59 (LW $1.60);
  • Neuralstem (AMEX:CUR) down -$0.02 (-1.57%) to $1.25 (LW $1.32);
  • Opexa (NASDAQ:OPXA) down -$0.01 (-0.60%) to $1.66 (LW $1.69);
  • Pluristem (NASDAQ:PSTI) down -$0.02 (-0.73%) to $2.71 (LW $2.78);
  • ReNeuron Group (RENE.L) down -$0.04 (-0.80%) to $4.86 (LW $4.95);
  • StemCells (STEM) down -$0.010 (-1.52%) to $0.65 (LW $0.642);
  • Tengion (TNGN) down -$0.02 (-1.39%) to $1.42 (LW $1.49);
  • ThermoGenesis (NASDAQ:KOOL) down -$0.01 (-0.46%) to $2.15 (LW $2.26).                                                                                                                                                  

Flat (3):

  • BioHeart (OTCPK:BHRT) flat at $0.16 (LW:$0.179);
  • ImmunoCellar Therapeutics (NYSEMKT:IMUC) flat at $2.03 (LW $1.84);
  • International Stem Cell (ISCOE.OB) flat at $1.08 (LW $1.10);

The Bottom Line:  Declining stocks versus advancers (14 to 3 versus last weeks 6 to 11) slows indicators. June’s started out a bomb, depreciating our sector. The biggest winners (that is a misnomer) of the regenerative medicine universe week close were Osiris (OSIR) up $0.06 (0.84%) to $7.17 versus LW $7.08; followed by Advanced Cell Technology (OTC: ACTC) up $0.013 (6.70%) to $0.207 and Brainstorm (BCLI) up $0.008 (2.86%) to $0.288.

Weak economic data depressed the market, this week. The stock market fell for a 5th straight week, its longest slump since 2008′s harrowing summer, and kicked off June with the biggest 1 day drop since last August as the pace of economic recovery began to slacken.

The market is down, but there is not much we can do yet, why panic, what alternatives do we have with this volatility. My decision is why bail, despite all the gyrations, valuations in the RegenMed/StemCell universe are outright cheap. Reiterating, beware of those companies with needs for cash via offering dilution in the next few months!! 

One point in the news, this week (from me) is the iPS cell controversy where it had been ASSUMED that autologous cells should be immune-tolerated by the recipient from whom the iPSCs are derived; however, their immunogenicity HAD not been vigorously examined.

  • So what alternatives are there, one is NeoStem (NYSE Amex: NBS) who is  pioneering bone marrow-derived very small embryonic-like (VSEL) pluripotent stem cells which represent a recruit-able pool that appears to play an important role in organ repair after injury;
  • The study of stem cells and cord blood is on fast tracks and is proving to “potentially” lead to new discoveries. NBS’ VSELTMs or very small embryonic like stem cells have many physical characteristics typically found in embryonic stem cells, including the ability to differentiate into specialized cells and tissue throughout the body. The significance of VSELTM technology is that each person has a population of very primitive embryonic-like stem cells that can be harvested for potential therapeutic use. This is possible because very small embryonic like stem cells are also released into the peripheral blood by using FDA approved drugs, which function as a mobilizing agent.

Highlighting the week:

All news seems to be bad news lately re macro issues …  but our universe limps  along … very quietly … as there has NOT been any real negative catalysts, such as failed trials … just NO news. Thus, selectively there are a lot of bargains in the MID to LONG term as SHORT term metrics will keep the sector neglected.