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Cevec Raises $8.5M to Commercialize Human Cell-Expression Platform for producing Proteins and Vaccines

Firm aims to exploit human amniocyte-derived cell lines through new vaccine development partnerships

German firm Cevec Pharmaceuticals raised €6 million (about $8.5M) in a financing round with new and existing investors to support commercialization of its CAP® Technology human cell expression technology for the production of proteins and vaccines.

The protein expression platform is based on specific amniocyte-derived human cell lines and enables the production of complex biologics and therapeutic antibodies with authentic human glycosylation and sialylation patterns, Cevec claims. 2 platforms are available:

  • The CAP system for stable expression;
  • The CAP-T™ transient expression system for drug development applications including screening, assay development, target validation, drug discovery, early stage preclinical drug development and lead optimization.

The Bottom Line: More recent data has in addition demonstrated the utility of the human CAP technology for vaccine production, and the firm says it aims to carry out a further round of fund raising this year, which will allow it to establish vaccine development partnerships. After the successful launch of CAP and CAP-T in EU, Asia Pacific, and the US for use in the field of protein and antibody expression, the new excellent scientific data using the system for vaccine production opens a truly outstanding new business opportunity for Cevec. In addition to offering the CAP and CAP-T platforms through commercial, research, and R&D licenses, Cevec is also developing an early-stage pipeline of difficult-to-express biopharmaceuticals. The lead product is recombinant human alkaline phosphatase, which the firm is developing as part of a consortium with Dutch firms Alloksys and Pharmacell. Initial proof-of-concept trials are expected to start in 2012. Additional pipeline products being developed using the CAP system include human alpha antitrypsin and what Cevec claims is the first fully human C-1 inhibitor, both of which are in … early preclinical development and available for licensing. Just last month Cevec and Catalent Pharma Solutions announced a joint commercial cell-line development service for biotech and pharma clients, which combines the CAP technology with Catalent’s GPEx® (gene product expression). The firms claim that combining their technologies will enable the generation of high expressing stable human cell lines in a much shorter timeframe than current methods.