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RegMed Daily, Pre-Open, 9/21/11

Good morning!


Here’s what you … might need to know to start the day… to understand the gyrations in the RegMed universe’s market!  It might provide food for thought …

US stock futures edged lower on Wednesday, 9/21/11as investors waited to learn whether the Federal Reserve has decided to take more measures to buoy the sluggish economy.

 Futures on the Dow shed 27 points to 11,308 and those on the S&P’s 500 stock index declined 3.60 points to 1,192.40 while NASDAQ 100 futures fell 9.50 points to 2,287.

The spotlight will remain on the FOMC Wednesday, with a policy statement expected at 2:15 pm.  With the federal-funds rate near zero, the Fed cannot reduce rates any further to boost the economy, so it may resort to more unconventional measures. The reason … why the market is so dead set on more stimulus is because the … recovery in the US has come to a screeching halt and everyone including the Fed agrees that the … economy desperately needs help

 Another day of lack of market expectation … We need to build some …strength into the market… Operation Twist … recalls Chubby Checker … he also went … away … so  (calling Michael G Fox)back to the ‘60’s replaced by more uncertainty and confusion … how about the Beatles … so let … Ben sing!