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Five New Stem Cell Lines Enhance Product Portfolio, BioTime (AMEX:BTIM)

BTIM’s five (5) new human stem cell lines are now offered for research    use only. These highly purified, novel, and scalable cell lines are embryonic progenitors, meaning that they are intermediate between human embryonic stem cells and fully developed cells. 

These cell lines were developed using BioTime’s ACTCellerate™ technology. The new lines will include W10 with markers of smooth muscle progenitors, RASMO12 with unique markers associated with the kidney, U31 with markers associated with the neurotransmitter dopamine useful in research in Parkinson’s disease and diseases of the autonomic nervous system, as well as the lines SK11, EN1, and 7SMOO7;  properties of which will be disclosed on product launch.

Dr. Michael West, CEO announced these new products in his presentation at the GTCbio Conference in Boston, Ma focusing on stem cell differentiation and describe BioTime’s recent efforts to generate highly purified, diverse, and scalable embryonic progenitor (EP) cell types for potential use in human cell therapy, including six cell types with potential use in orthopedic disease.