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PureGraft™ System’s EU Approval Facilitates Greater Sales of the Celution® System, Cytori Therapeutics (CYTX)

PureGraft™ and Celution®  approvals in the EU allows CYTX to offer a broader portfolio of products to plastic and cosmetic surgeons and expanding market opportunity. In addition, the PureGraft System offers a lower cost entry point for customers facilitating the sale of the Celution® System.

  • CYTX begins commercializing the product to physicians in the EU as either a stand-alone product or as a complement to the Celution® 800/CRS System. Orders are being filled based on existing demand from several countries.

In combination with the Celution® 800/CRS, PureGraft™ lowers processing times and increases processing volumes, improving the utility and efficiency of  CYTX’s core product for soft tissue applications, which allows for the preparing of a cell-enriched fat graft.