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IRB for Banking Immune Matched hpSCs, International Stem Cell (ISCO.OB)

OTCBB: ISCO has received the approval of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for its oocyte collection and activation protocol.  

ISCO.OB’s discoveries have resulted in unique stem cells carrying distinct advantages over other human pluripotent stem cells. ISCO uses unfertilized eggs (oocytes) to create human ‘parthenogenetic’ stem cells (hpSCs).

  • Like human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), hpSCs are pluripotent (they have the capacity to become almost any cell type in the body, yet avoid ethical issues associated with use or destruction of viable human embryos);
  • Unlike hESCs, hpSCs can be created in a form such that they can be immunologically matched to millions of individuals;
  • The first time, possibly … the establishment of a “bank” containing a manageable number of stem cell lines immune matched to a large patient population.

These achievements mark milestones to create therapeutic derivatives that can be used for clinical research and ultimately as a valuable medical resource to the growing field of regenerative medicine.