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Updating the Legalese in the Stem Cell Courtroom

Updating, the stem cell courtroom controversy; the appeals court made no ruling from the bench after the hearing, which lasted more than 90 minutes despite having been allotted only 30 minutes to the case.  A decision is expected soon… right. See do we see this controversy  in the Supreme Court ?

  • DOJ’s Brinkmann said there was no harm to either doctor because Deisher only recently applied for federal funding and Sherley had already received some $425,000 in federal grants;
  • Thomas Hungar, (Sherley and Deisher’ attorney) said the federal law was clear in banning the research funding for embryos that had been destroyed and that “it’s all speculation” by the Obama administration that the projects would suffer …
  • DOJ’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General Beth Brinkmann told the appellate judges that Lamberth’s injunction would stop funding to 24 research projects at the NIH that have already received $64 M in taxpayer investment;
  •  Judge Thomas Griffith questioned whether the work would really be irreparably harmed or just delayed if the government ultimately can win the ongoing case. “All $64 M is completely ruined?” Griffith asked“They don’t keep lab notebooks?
  • Brinkmann responded there are notes, but “it would be a setback for the field. Biological material would be destroyed”.

My personal opinion:

  • You are biting the hand that feeds you,  James Sherley … your legacy is assured swear in court that it just religious beliefs not legal manipulation about the lack of grant awards,
  • But, I bet the $425 K government’s federal grant check was cashed;
  • If you truly operate on the basis of religious belief wouldn’t you remand the federal grant funding awarded your lab …to protest hESC research?
  • Oh, I forget … your paycheck … came … first … before your religious beliefs;
  • Did you ever consider … how … your personal beliefs would  affect your fellow BBRI scientists;
  • The final question, in seeking collaboration and funding for your future research; what doors will … now … be opening … under this cloud … and legacy;
  • Can’t always … have your cake and eat it, too!