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King of Pop Passed Michael Memorabilia Moves

|Includes: eBay Inc. (EBAY)

Sales of Michael’s Memorabilia Exploded – Did you get your piece of Jacko?

In a week where Michael Jackson became the number one search term on Google, held the top five album spots on iTunes and captured the top honors on Amazon’s MP3 store; it’s no surprise that there has been a flood of Michael Jackson related items hitting eBay this week too.  People were lined up to get their cha-ching from Michael’s bling.  Not everyone who gets their little piece of Jacko is going to feel good about it later though.
If you sold your record player to pick up that iPhone, it’s time to dump your vinyl.  You can sell your copy of Thriller for nearly $70 on eBay, or so Vendio Research says, compared to the $13 it was getting before the King of Pop passed.  Also, grab that autographed guitar you have lying in your closet.  You know you are never going to learn to play it, and you’re too embarrassed to tell people what you did to get it.  Plus, you definitely could use the $1600 you will get for it.  Maybe you could sell the guitar and buy back your record player?
Michael Jackson dolls.  Yes, they exist, and yes, it’s ok to cringe at the thought of them.  If you are one of the hopefully few that own a mini-Michael, it’s time to sell.  Although its cliché, call it an “action figure,” and pickup an extra $10 bringing home an astounding $120.  Who knows if anything from the 80s can truly be “vintage,” but if you call it that, there is an 88% chance it will sell on eBay.  Perhaps the quiet guy in your office will buy it.  Either way, a Michael Jackson action figure will fetch over 450% more than it would have gotten any time in the previous few months before Michael moved-on.
Best of all, that white glove you have been wearing around your place (don’t deny it) is going to be back in style soon.  352 of them sold last week on eBay compared to the 5 per week reported by Vendio Research in weeks prior.  Now you really do have proof you were a trend setter.
If prices of Michael memorabilia are just going up, up, up, what is a fan to do?  Well, a real fan would step-up and buy a Michael Jackson gold record.  They are currently undervalued by about 25% when compared to sales in weeks before he died.  For some reason if a gold record doesn’t satisfy your Michael appetite, think about buying Michael Jackson: Moonwalker, the movie not the video game.  It’s not nearly as cool as a gold record, but it’s only $20 now vs. $28 in weeks prior.
If you would like any more eBay transaction data about Michael Jackson or anything else, check out Vendio Research.  You just can’t Beat It. It’s a simple yet powerful application that analyzes millions of past eBay transactions to provide data on individual items including average sales prices, sales volume, and keyword metrics.   The above statistics were gathered from Vendio Research and can be used easily to determine selling strategies and opportunities on eBay for Michael Memorabilia or any product you have.  So start snooping and figure out what that film of Farrah you found is really worth.