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Sample Other Services!

When I started out in 2008 I'm unashamed to state that I sampled quite a few trading and investing services/newsletters. 

Fundamentals-based strategies taught me the importance of research and due diligence, while a number of swing services taught me how to read indicators, predict likely future movements, and find stories where sector movement and individual thesis align for maximum profit potential.  Day trading services taught me how to recognize institutional buying, differentiate between real moves and fakeouts, pyschologically important price levels, selling into parabolic spikes and how to take advantage of movements in pre/post market sessions. And it goes on...

I took what was useful and left out the rest, molding it into a strategy that works for me- Runners of the Year (ROTY).  

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”- Bruce Lee

The above is the essence of the ROTY strategy- likewise, I try to convey to readers the importance of forming their own trading plans, molding ROTY to fit their needs.

There are many solid services out there and a lot of talent in the Seeking Alpha Marketplace. Feel free to sample different services, stay with some longer if they are truly helping you profit and manage risk, and write down a master list of lessons/insights you learned and how to apply them to your strategy.

Just my two cents as always.




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