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3 Trades For ROTY's Model Account


I seek to keep cash position elevated as much volatility is expected into 2020 elections.

I suggest adding to conviction ideas in a patient manner.

Cutting loose positions where you are doubting your thesis is an intelligent decision. Ego will get you killed in this market.

My focus lately continues to be on near term catalysts and platform technology ideas.

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In ROTY's model account today, I added to 2 positions and initiated one new pilot purchase (trades occur at day's closing price for the sake of transparency, so members often get in at better cost average).

We added to an ASH (December) play as thesis strengthened.

We added to a platform tech idea where I am willing to hold into 2020 given promising data generated across all assets.

We initiated a pilot position in a compelling gene therapy platform play, as valuation got too cheap to ignore.

Before these trades, cash position for our model account was at 40%. As other catalysts occur, I hope to continue raising cash where merited and stay conservative.

On the other hand, I can't ignore compelling setups (especially those with near term catalysts or where valuation is quite cheap relative to current & future prospects).

My suggestion to investors is to stay prudent, hunkering down into conviction ideas while cutting loose those that no longer make sense to own in this climate. In response to many private messages where readers are concerned about risk levels, I continue to state that excess worry is a sign you need to either sell or size down (raising enough cash to sleep well at night).

I look forward on your thoughts on what names you are scooping up going into Q4 2019. With current market volatility, I believe it's best to focus on near term catalysts or ideas where you are willing to hold through volatility with multi-year time frame.



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