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TOP 24 index, developped in Feb/March 2009.

I found my top 24 favourite stocks in the top 630 stocks per capitalization.

I will not mention the list of 24, because I still need to decide what to do of such list, and probabily I will use my "formula" to filter it in my job of trader, broker and asset manager.

So don't be sad if I can't show it to you, but if you believe me, can be helpfull in your studies too if you are looking as me to select the best stocks where to put your money for the next bullish cycle.

I believe that the bottom of markets is done in march 2009, but the rally was too fast, too soon and too big, so I think that a normal pullback to 1 year averages will be done. I like the 1 year average, and not the 200 sma usued in the USA, but the meaning is similar.

I found my top 24 stocks. You can find your, and compare with my results.
Those are all BIG CAPS, so any small cap like GU is calculated.

My index as in the chart posted at the bottom did 2 lows one in november at
86.35 and one in march 2009 at 86.73! Ascending so my stocks were not able to do a new low as sp500.

Then in october 2009 after 7 months of rally my index went to 161.39 for a rally of 86,08%.

Now, the Dow Jones did only a 55,88% return, Sp500 65,07 and Nasdaq 100 a nice 74,82.

I overperformed the best index of 11,26%.

Now, it can seem a great result or not, but I add the fact that in my TOP 24 there was big and slow elephants like KO or some pharma or JNJ.

So it sound to me a great result.

I will apply my formula to many sectors and country to trade the most volatile baskets if not happy to have a TOP 24 index not so volatile as it could be trading gold stocks, coal, metals/mining, or emerging markets.

I hope you enjoed this index I created. I repeat, I apologize I cannot list the 24 stocks, but I'm very attached to this project so I will do may be in the next years, but right now I need to decide how to use this formula.