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Thailand: What will happen tomorrow.

|Includes: F, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HMC)

Many may be aware that Thailand is experiencing a monumental flood.  The capital Bangkok is under siege and being forcefully overcome.  Most would not know that Thailand is an important off shore location for many companies in the microchip board, telephone, computer, auto parts/assembly,textile, and on.  One important concentrated area of this is the surrounding area of Bangkok and a corridor from the capital to the North.  This basically follows Hiway 1 and the Choa Phrayah River which snakes to the Gulf of Thailand/Bangkok.  The area from Rangsit, Bangkok to Ayuthayya Is densely  populated with factories (and residents).  It is now under 3-6 feet of water and expected to pretty much stay that way for the next few weeks.  
     Where there has been a glut of rice on the world market much of the rice crop in Thailand has been severely damaged or distroyed by monsoon rains.  More than a week ago I had seen it reported that more than 15% of this seasons rice harvest was lost and more damaged.  Thailand is a major exporter of rice,fruits and vegatables to regional and world markets.  Not to mention the car manufaturing loss (Honda, Ford) and others, the personal loss of vehicles (cars,trucks and motorcycles) will be enormous.  These may have insurance but only a minimal amount (if any) on top of multi year vehicle loans.  Some areas so far are under relatively nuisance flooding and others 3-7 feet of water (imagine a few hundred thousand residents)  in the area from Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan.  It really could be in the millions displaced.  Perhaps 10's of thousands have lost the place they had worked at.  The plants electronic equipment likely lost.  I am not a blogger or someone with an agenda.  I don't have fancy maps or graphs.  This is a story worth telling and for a real investor to start researching.  There are companies that just had their supply line snapped.  Monumental losses of goods and damage to real estate and consumer items.  I think many businesses will consider re location as an option and others will stay.  Much hi- tech manufacturing and machinery is sitting under 6 feet of water.  Do some research and maybe you have a better chance of being ahead of the crowd as I think this story is under reported.  My apologies if you find this unworthy of Seeking Alpha.

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