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Monday's BioPharma List for August 9th

|Includes: Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA), ARYX, BIOS, CYTK, DEPO, ELN, EXEL, HLCSQ, KG, KVPBQ, ONXX, RIGL, SGEN, SLXP, SOMX, SVA
Top Pharmaceuticals for Monday August 9th

1. K-V Pharmaceuticals This one is slightly unpredictable (NYSE:KV.A) at 1.46 up +0.17 a 13.17% gain after having a 20.6% increase last week.

2. Roche Holdings RHHBF;Foreign stock trading on Nasdaq.  This quote is from last week as it trades based on foreign markets.

Last week up 10.50 at 142.00 a 10.50% gain. The stock has been down as of late but I predict that things could change in the near future for the better.

The Roche US Based stock, RHHBY, was flat today. (OTCQX:RHHBY)

3. Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: SOMX) at 3.91 +0.22 a 5.96% gain

4. Acura Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ACUR) up 0.13 to 2.72 for a 5.02% gain

5. King Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: KG) at 9.20 +0.41 a 4.6% gain

6. Alexza Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ALXA) at 2.56 up +0.11 for a 4.49% gain

7. Rigel Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: RIGL) at 8.80 up +0.36 for a 4.72% gain

8. Arena Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ARNA) at 7.47 up +0.30 a 4.19% gain for their upcoming approval recommendation by the FDA for lorcaserin.

9. DepoMed (NASDAQ:DEPO) at 3.90 up +0.15 a 4% gain based on heavy volume.  Drug Giant Pfizer Will Not Start Legal Proceedings to try to prevent the launch of DEPO’s version of Pfizer's painkiller Neurontin.

10. Elan Inc. (NYSE:ELN) at 5.43 up +0.18 a 3.43% gain after having a 31% stock gain last week

Others of note up for today were Salix SLXP and Onyx Pharmaceuticals ONXX.

Top Biotech Performers for Monday August 9th

1. Aryx Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ARYX) at 0.598 up +0.139 a 30.28% gain.

2. Helicos BioSciences (NASDAQ:HLCS) at 0.790 up +0.065 a 8.92% gain

3. ZymoGenetics 4.40 +0.32 7.84%

4. SinoVac Biotech 4.53 +0.28 6.59% gain

5. BioScript, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIOS) 4.83 +0.29 6.39% gain

Others of note that were up for the day included Exelixis EXEL, Cytokinetics CYTK, and Seattle Genetics SGEN.

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