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Comments On The Interview With The Saudi Crown Prince

Just a quick not here. The transcript of that bloomberg interview was published. I feel a little less sure that we truly understand what he mean. Full transcript is at

I want to comment on the one section about the freeze below:


Bloomberg: You have the upcoming meeting in Doha in April 17th. Will a freeze be enough?

Prince Mohammed: If all countries agree to freeze production, we're ready.

Bloomberg: So will Saudi Arabia insist that Iran joins the production freeze?

Prince Mohammed: Without a doubt. If all countries including Iran, Russia, Venezuela, OPEC countries and all main producers decide to freeze production, we will be among them.


You have to read the rest of the interview to see how many times the Prince says the words 'without a doubt'. I'm not competely sure he understands the exact meaning. You also can't assume that he understood the exact meaning of the question. I only say this from having some experience with people that speak English as a second language. It's just odd to repeat a phrase like 'without a doubt' twice. However, the word doubt was used a lot. "No Doubt" many times, "without a doubt" twice and "undobtedly" once. This somewhat suggests that he knew exatly what he was saying.

Have a read and decide. They talk a lot about their plans to diversify.