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Two Must-Have Links For Oil And Gas Investors

Crude oil strip pricing:

Nat Gas Strip pricing:

The pricing you see on CNBC is always the front month and doesn't change over at the right time. Yahoo is much better at that. The links on those sites also won't show volume of each month.

I encourage everyone to start getting used to the price action on the front month as well as the future months so you can spot trends or abnormalities that the front month may not be indicating. You'll also then be able to agree or disagree if someone points out a widening or narrowing contago.

Arm yourself with the tools to make your own decisions, it will pay off in the long run. CNBC and Bloomberg are there to get the most viewers, not to help you make money. Analysts will always upgrade or downgrade AFTER the money is made or lost, so don't rely on them either.

Good luck and I hope you are all enjoying the ridiculous 42% (at time of writing) gain in LGCY today.