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The Price Of Gold & Finding The Information That Matters Most

The Price Of Gold & Finding The Information That Matters Most

Now as an investor who really enjoys the Canadian junior mining sector, I have one concern. And quite frankly it’s where to find relevant information to make better buying decisions. Do I really have to check 10 websites to get what I want?

Today is September 3, 2009, a beautiful fall day in Northern Ontario, home to some pretty important gold discoveries in it’s own right. Today the price of gold sits at $994.00 and begs to break through the magical $1,000.00 level.

When the price of gold gets above that level some very important things start to happen. People and even counties start to transfer dollars into gold as the safe hedge against just about everything else. And we are already seeing foreign countries move there money out of US dollars, as it’s value is expected to drop with the loss of jobs, and a deficit too big to even get your mind around.

The other most obvious thing that happens when the price of gold gets to that level is that mining becomes very hot again, just like oil did when it’s price spiked.

Small and large gold mining companies become the darlings of the lenders again. That produces jobs, and well you know the list of good things is endless.

Here’s my beef though. Like you, I read the finance sites, read the blogs, the commentary, and I still have yet to find a completely comprehensive site that has all the relevant data on specific mining companies and it’s peers. I guess what I’m saying is, the information is out there, but do I have to check 10 websites or more to satisfy my thirst for the proper information. Hugely time consuming!

All that said, there is a relatively new website that is completely dedicated to the mining, oil and gas sectors. It almost seems like they were listening when I said, I just want all the relevant information in one place. And better than that, they go so far as to thoroughly segregate the material for me. Financing news, M&A activity, drilling and discovery news all separated, all easy to find.

Stock Research Portal is a free site. Free with an email subscription anyway. If you’re as frustrated as I have been when trying to get my hands on data about a mining company I’m researching, I suggest you pay them a visit. And hey, it’s completely Canadian eh!

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