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Stock Research - University Style

Stock Research - University Style

As someone who has both taught at the post secondary level and worked in the University environment, I can tell you that "learning" there happens on a totally different level than anywhere else.

More progressive institutions now teach with a collaborative learning style mind set. In the old days you were learning more on your own, almost in isolation. The best students got better fast and those who didn't grasp things as well on their own, most certainly fell behind just as quickly.

I make the analogy between university learning and stock research because today, one no longer needs to invest or learn to invest, in total isolation. There are a great many places to gather data and share information. Keeping in mind that the social media revolution or collaborative learning is here to stay.

A University library is quite unlike any other kind of library. It's their online resources that make them truly unique. The institution pays fees so that students can have access to the best papers, the best research material in the world.

The best stock research sites do the same, and some charge a great deal of money to have access to their data. The every day financial web sites most of us are familiar with offer the basics for free, with seemingly little regard for the end user's needs. 

There is one site, a newer player called Stock Research Portal. They seem to have that "university" approach I was talking about. It's more of a "learning library" for the stock research enthusiast. It's organized the way a true academic sees the world. Better said, it's not only designed for investors, it's been designed by investors. 

Detailed company balance sheets, peer comparisons, trades by insiders, regulatory filings, a variety of charting screens, segregated news releases, and a host of other features you'll be hard pressed to find in one place. A "learning library" is just that, extensive relevant information under one roof. That's exactly what you'll find at Stock Research Portal.

Here's  the best part, this "learning library" stock research portal is free. Free with a simple email subscription.

About The Author:  Mike Perras is a former media executive and faculty of business professor. Today he is a freelance writer and also manages the Canadian Stock Alerts blog. It is updated weekdays in real time, and the primary focus is to find stocks with higher than usual trading volume. Mr. Perras doesn't advocate buying the stocks he mentions. Nothing in this article is either designed to meet readers personal financial situations, or intended or taken to be investment advice.