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Stock Research & My Number One Constraint

My number one constraint when doing stock research is probably a lot like yours.

It almost always has more to do with time than anything else. Finding enough quality time to do thorough stock research is a struggle. Career, family, house chores, socializing do take a large block of time.

Like you I also get my fair share of stock tips from business colleagues, but this can hardly be called research. I also don’t consider what I read in stock newsletters research either. Just another subjective opinion at best.

Gleaning through all the news releases, and trying to understand what they are actually telling me. Then trying to make sense out of a company’s balance sheet. All necessary things when doing research, but very time consuming.

Time has always been the major issue and then it is also compounded by the fact that I have to use 3 or 4 sites to gather the information I need. After saying all that, I must share what is really helping me these days.

What used to take 2 hours to research I can now do in a fraction of the time by using just one advanced tool. Actually it’s a website quite unlike anything else I’ve seen anywhere.

All the mining, and oil & gas news releases are segregated into proper categories. That includes Financing, M&A, Drilling and Discovery to name a few. That alone is a huge time saver. And after reading a company’s drilling news release, I can just click a button and there I have before me the company balance sheet, any insider trading of late etc. It use to take 3 and 4 or more sites to gather all that information.

It was Margaret  Bonnan who said, "Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time".  

If time is as much of a constraint to you as it is to me, then I’ll stop talking and leave you with their website address, Stock Research Portal.  It’s about time a site was designed for investors, by investors!

About The Author:  Mike Perras is a former media executive and faculty of business professor. Today he is a freelance writer and also manages the Canadian Stock Alerts blog. It is updated weekdays in real time, and the primary focus is to find stocks with higher than usual trading volume. Mr. Perras doesn't advocate buying the stocks he mentions. Nothing in this article is either designed to meet readers personal financial situations, or intended or taken to be investment advice.