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A Look At the S&P500 & NASDAQ Weekly Charts

Looking at the $SPX & $COMPQ weekly charts using a 26 weekly ema & a 52 week sma. As in previous post on this indicator, I like to use it as a confirmation BUY/SELL indicator. Note the 950 level on the $SPX while the 26/52 have not intersected as of yet...while on the Nasdaq $COMPQ the 1,900 level has been surpassed & the 26/52 are kissing?! Apparently the Nasdaq has been leading on the technology sector's strength. [*<em>note: the A50R, A150R & A200R for each index, indicates the percentage of stocks in that index trading over their respective 50, 150 & 200 ma's...below 20 oversold & over 80 overbought</em

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