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Obligations To Self And Carrying Your Brother By Charles Payne

Question of the Day

Is he a villain or guy that made a few mistakes but ready to make amends- there are dueling narratives. Most of the women I know will never forgive him.

How much credibility has Tiger Woods lost for you to ever root for him again?

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Earl ... Earl
Earl playing by himself, man
Earl playing by himself, man
Earl playing by himself, man
Dennis playing by himself

Do I Do
-Stevie Wonder

I realize it's a chorus that only diehard Stevie Wonder fans know, but the song "Do I Do" is about a man longing for love from a woman he's too intimidated to approach. His life, arms, and heart have been waiting and longing for her love. In the case of Earl Jr. and his brother Kevin and sister Joyce, they too have been waiting and longing for love. In this case the object of their desire is none other than Tiger Woods. You see these are Tiger's siblings from the same father Earl Woods Sr. In a touching story on ESPN we learned yesterday that Tiger hasn't reached out or even replied to his half brothers and sister since the funeral of their dad.

We all know families are complicated and more so when there are half siblings with huge age gulfs between them. That said, Kevin Woods is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and is on the verge of losing his home. I have no clue if Tiger has hit everyone off with big money in the past and feels like he's being used or if he is just that aloof. It would seem the cash is only a drop in the bucket for the man that made so much money his ex-wife was able to destroy a mansion to make room to build a new mansion.

He's got the money, but he must have reasons, too, for not doing what outsiders consider the right thing. This is why the notion of all Americans being the keepers of their fellow Americans is farfetched when its complicated for one brother to be his (biological) brother's keeper.

In the article, Tiger's family say they want nothing, and his sister Royce said she would even live in a shack if they could rekindle their past relationship. Royce was referring to the house Tiger bought her as a reward for doing his laundry and other chores while he was in college pursuing his dreams. I hope they get it together, and I hope Tiger reaches out. I know karma plays a role in his religion. Forgiveness plays a role in mine, and family is universal.

Playing By the Same Rules - Great Idea, When Do We Start

... and uphold our obligations to one another and to this larger enterprise that is America, then I have no doubt that we will continue our long and prosperous journey as the greatest nation on Earth.
-President Obama

I'm sure everyone has a close family member they can't stand to be around and maybe wouldn't help under any circumstances. With that in mind I find it hard to wrap my mind around the notion I actually owe non family members that may share those same traits as the blood relatives I try to avoid. I think of immediate kin and wonder if I can help them achieve goals and live a particular lifestyle. I would break up a fight, stop a purse-snatcher, and tackle a nut on an airplane with a box cutter. I'm honored my tax money goes to teachers, police, and the military. I also know I'm paying my fair share already.

In fact, I'm insulted when it's suggested somehow I'm not doing my fair share because I'm not taking up the slack from the millions of people that pay nothing and actually use those services more than I do.

When President Obama says everyone should "play by the same rules" it would seem to suggest everyone puts something in the universal pot and those that broke the rules that apply to climbing to the top of the ladder aren't rewarded by punishing those whose life, arms, and hearts burned in strain, agony, fear, determination, hope and love to be achievers.

If the rules are the same, then everyone should have to wake up no later than 6AM even if they don't have a job.

If the rules are the same everyone should be required to read something, anything, everyday.

If the rules are the same, then the next time I'm shoveling snow, the unemployed in my town should come over and help me.

If I had time I could go on forever with these examples, but to me rules affect two things.

If the so-called social pact says the reward for households making income north of $250,000 is wider distribution, then what is expected from those on the receiving end of these funds? Moreover, how long will it take before it becomes clear and smart to just get in the line for the nationalized incomes of others and get your piece of the action without any skin in the game? This thing the president wants to do has been tried and failed around the world and in pockets of American society. In fact, it's failed so miserably that entire generations of people missed out on that prosperous journey the president spoke about.

I think the best way we uphold obligations to others is to be the best person we can be and to be productive members of society. The best love we can show to others is to demand they pull themselves up by the bootstraps and push limits (mental and economic) that bound their current realities. Do I do ...

The Fed, the Market, the Truth

The temper tantrum witnessed over the last two days is Wall Street being a baby and at the same time being realistic. Let's face it, Wall Street puts welfare queens to shame when it comes to exploiting handouts. Be that as it may, there is a legit concern about how much the economy can support a continued rally. Even I get caught in the exchange of superlatives about the economy calling stuff that's really ordinary "great" or "strong" and that's the thing, can the public be fooled into the notion that 200,000 jobs a month at this stage of the game is great? Here's the rub, the Fed is still our friend. Ben Bernanke wants this gig for a long time, and if he fails to deliver on this promise he will not be able to brag about killing Bin Laden to make amends.

Market Update

It's an ugly day in Europe as Spain continues to unravel; disappointing economic data in Germany and in the UK are also adding pressure. Initial jobless claims are more or less inconsequential, but same store sales results at retailers are mostly stronger than expected.